Hawthorn Chunk (140g)

Hawthorn Chunk (140g)

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In addition to being made into food, hawthorn can also appetite, lower blood lipids, lower blood pressure, regulate menstrual irregularities, etc. It has many benefits to the body.

Long-term use of hawthorn tablets in water as a tea can regulate hypertension, blood lipids, anti-oxidation, and diuresis.

Promote digestion: Hawthorn slices are rich in nutrients, rich in carbohydrates, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus and iron, vitamin C and other nutrients. After eating, they have the effect of appetizing body fluid and helping digestion. It can eliminate greasy, promote gastrointestinal motility, expel toxins from the body, and make skin healthier and more transparent. If the stomach is full, soaking in water with hawthorn tablets will relieve the situation.

Lowering blood lipids: In addition to the above effects, hawthorn tablets also have the effect of lowering blood lipids. People with high blood lipids can eat some hawthorn appropriately, but people with qi deficiency should try not to eat or eat less hawthorn.

Diuretic: Soaking hawthorn tablets in water also has the effect of diuresis, so people with constipation can drink more appropriately. But if you have stomach problems such as gastric ulcers, it is best to drink less.

Experts recommend that the daily dose of hawthorn is 25 grams. If hawthorn tea is combined with cassia seed that can lower blood pressure, anti-oxidant Polygonum multiflorum, tea and other effects will be better.

Caution ⚠️:Not for pregnant women